2K could give the best Kobe version already

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I began myteam per month ago and up til today didn't spend a single token on packs. After all the tokens I obtained from the Kobe spotlight I bought a bunch of packs and pulled a pd melo Buy NBA 2K Coins. I feel like that late in the summer it may be better simply purchasing packs with tokens instead of grinding through the tiers. I only started this past Thursday and have spent 30 tokens on 2 Lin packs expecting for this melo or even kawhi haha Havent spent tokens any additional time, I got shumpert and Chandler and I wish to keep trying for this melo but I don't want invest 160 tokens and not get him. Kinda hope they put new packs in there with better players.

Go to your Lights Out. They are just six a piece, I was able to pull all of the cards except for PD Peja and Arenas, bought them both for like 22K and finally have a PD Klay Thompson to go with them, and that is ahead of the 160, '' I simply spread them out between multi deminsoinal along with the 10 token packs because I am trying to attain goat collector. This Klay is very obsolete and not even worth the 45-50k you spent on him. Locking in sets at this point of NBA 2K20 is not a good idea at all either. There are many options better compared to the klay for more affordable such as the new PD Micheal Redd.

I really hope that opal Kobe could be arriving in packs tomorrow. Everyone is speaking about an opal coming and there just so happens to be fresh packs tomorrow. Thats my theory on it. Honestly my forecast for tomorrow (and exactly what I'm hoping) is historic spotlight sim with him since the end reward for beating all of 30. It kinda makes sense that we are getting some form of historic spotlight sim challenges. Those cards that they have the community produce (which are in moments packs) are just players. It might make sense while performing the ones that we can create cards of players. Kinda hard to explain, lol.

Men and women are complaining 2K would not give out a card which could break NBA 2K20. They wouldn't put a Kobe in trigger than they would get ripped for making money from it. What I wish that they did was provide us an Amethyst Kobe, that you're able to evolve up to a Pink Diamond, by getting Kobe related milestones that are particular. I believe that would have been enjoyable. That was not the best way to honor Kobe although I am not gon na sit here and whine Twitter and here about a card. If there was an opportunity to provide everyone a card I really don't think people and it was would complain. Best case we would have gotten an Evo that would be able to to compete and eventually be on precisely the same level as the GO cards we are getting now.

Folks believed 2K gonned na provide a no cost GO Kobe? I don't really get this. There is a massive difference between a GO Kobe and also this card. They might have made this card as great as say PD Roy who goes for like 45k also it might have been a wonderful card everybody could use but everyone could also update on it. 2K has really conditioned lots of you guys to expect nothing from a game. I'd be happy with a even a Diamond Kobe in case it'd better badges and features that make sense. But has gold fast step and clamps. I guess when he played his final match that this is supposed to be the edition of Kobe.

Not having any problems with Kobe here. Those saying this card is crap dont have the mamba mindset. I don't think it's a dreadful card, just that nearly all amethysts and even a couple rubies have greater total attributes. I simply hate that 2K tiers have no consistency and look arbitrary. The attributes are low however, the badges are on stage. Only missing few and clamps other badges, but that's what will create the GO so much better. 2K could give the best Kobe version already. Months to fill out without an NBA season to give any material to them, They've. I'm sure they paid a lot for those rights so that I dont blame them if they fall a packs version later or find some way to jump earnings because of it.

Is based on the circumstance of why they are doing it but hey I know where a 50c vending machine is. Understood on context, as it would have to become something to compare to this, but could you be satisfied for getting 50 cents though? Not saying you'd deny getting it, but would you satisfy? Idk how much would they have to offer you to satisfy you? Are you really going to say hundreds? Thousands? This goes a little over the minimum. Is it for? No, but it is about what I expected. I've learned to temper my expectations Following a decade playing 2K.

Understood on the expectations surrounding 2K being NBA 2K21 MT, but that doesn't mean you should be satisfied with what they gave users and you have the right to complain about a fictitious PD tier card being handed out. That is exactly what this reminded me of... and today there's an Opal card coming later sooo this may change matters lol.