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Cigarettes Online Cigarettes Online Cigarettes Online Cigarettes Online Cigarettes Online Cigarettes Online

Satisfying the mouth, sweet and mellow""-"Leaves": The second layer of Jiaotian cigarettes from top to bottom is protected from direct ultraviolet rays and moisturized by dew. It is a natural gift. This generous seal, Adopt a rigid full-open cigarette case. Since the full-open cigarette case does not have the limitation of traditional open-lid hard box packaging, the packaging design of the cigarette case is more integrated and easier to display the content. This cigarette case uses a light yellow glossy matte Light background color. The front of the cigarette case is centered, and the pattern of the cigarette number and ticket number of one party is printed. The effect of imitation wood engraving is very time-consuming. The material of this cigarette is quite real, and some oriental tobacco leaves are indeed added. Ingredients. The overall control is good, and the taste is soft and sweet. However, there is still room for improvement in the ratio of tobacco leaves, and it does not play the role of reconciling the flavor of oriental tobacco. The flavoring is the failure of this cigarette. Too much Artificial fragrance intervention affects the overall smoking experience. People who buy this cigarette for the first time may be attracted by the packaging design of this cigarette, and the taste of this cigarette is also very good. " Cigarette product aroma style and taste On the basis of the characteristics, relying on the platform resources of the "Key Laboratory of Cigarette Flavoring Technology", combined with the comprehensive utilization of the fragrance plants of Impression Tobacco, the filling value of cigarettes is improved, and the smoking resistance and comfort of ultra-fine low-coke cigarettes are improved Marlboro Red. Through modern formula technology, it reflects the perfect combination of natural and full tobacco aroma, satisfaction, comfort and flavoring. Make the sensory comprehensive quality reach the top level of cigarettes at the same price. Using European country gardens and brocade images of flowers as the concrete material of the "mystery garden", the smooth and decisive lines are fused with fashionable and expansive colors; the beauty of flowers originating from nature surrounds the beauty of women who also come from the creator; as the name suggests The secret garden Marlboro Lights, full of exploratory desire, exudes uncompromising confidence behind it. The overall form of ultra-fine branches more highlights the meticulousness, elegance and uniqueness of the product Online Cigarettes. The color of the entire layout is based on violet as the basic color, and blue and red are embellished, highlighting the nobility and mystery of the design. On the back of the logo, the design of "fish-eye convex-concave mirror" is the highlight, which further enhances the overall noble and fashionable aura of the cigarette pack. The whole package is prosperous and colorful, fashionable and free, and blooms brilliantly.
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