Path of Exile game mechanics part 2

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Grinding Gear Games is the driving force behind Path of Exile and they released Part 2 of the community Q&A on game mechanics.

Grinding Gear Games is the driving force behind Path of Exile and they released Part 2 of the community QA on game mechanics. If you missed the first part of the question and answer, you can add it here. The team discussed killing monsters, various effects, mine explosions, and more. It is very extensive, if you like the details, you should read it. Experienced old players usually purchase POE Currency in advance, and then purchase the items they want.

Part 2 also includes several extensive answers. Interestingly, it also includes a one-word answer to a question that asks whether spell dodge and block are thrown separately for each hit of the same spell. The team simply answered: yes. Other questions, such as asking about the crit of an enemy spell on a hit or rolling alone, have been answered more broadly. In short, it depends on the spell. If you are also playing Path of Exile, now is the best time to buy POE Currency. Because POECurrency is selling POE Currency at the lowest price on the market.

The way opportunity works is that you have a chance to do something, which is a number from 0 to 100. The game rolls a random number from 0 to 99. If the chance value is higher (not equal to) that random number roll, what you do. It is easy to see that this gives the correct behavior; random rolls can only reach 99 at most, so a chance value of 100 will always occur, and randomly The odds of a zero roll will never be higher than a random roll, so the zero chance will never happen. But an unobvious consequence resulting from this is also the one used by critical strikes in PoE, that is, random dice and probability are basically two different values-you need both to evaluate whether a critical strike occurs.

Like Part 1, if you like the essence of Path of Exile, this part 2 is full of information. Want to learn more about Path of Exile? Welcome to POECurrency, where you can also Buy POE Orbs!