Beginners should learn about all aspects of POE Heist

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Completing a normal contract is a reward, but well-equipped players with advanced thieves may wish to complete some Grand Heists to get more treasures for POE Currency and other useful items. They call these game blueprints, and they act as contracts that need to be planned before they start. The blueprint has multiple roles, which should be performed by the thieves organization.

Unlike contracts, blueprints comprise multiple departments that act as independent looters. Exposing these wings consumes rogue marks and intelligence. When everything is planned, the player can stamp on the blueprint and start the mission. The function of the mission itself is the same as the contract, but with multiple levels and better mission ending plunder.

Players know that every Rogue in Heist has an inventory that mimics the player, but the number of items that can store is much smaller. Players can provide rewards for Rogues items, the rewards range from increased item drops to reduced alert level gains. Like most items in Path of Exile, currency items can upgrade these items. The thief items dropped from the killed guard or chest robbery mission. Therefore, players should try to increase thieves activities to maximize rewards.

The item slot can hold small accessories, which are special damaged items that can change the plunder of the looters. These ranges can fall from adding malicious tokens to converting ordinary currencies into rare, more coveted types. To unlock the trinket slot, players must find The Catch from the Heist blueprint. They can find The Catch from the smuggler’s lair or underbelly patch collection. As long as the players put in their efforts and Buy POE Trade Currency to help the entire operation become smoother, they will definitely get a colossal achievement.