POE 3.12 extension brings players a brand new POE Heist league

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The 18th of last month was a very important day for both POE players and game teams. Because that day, the developers not only replaced the fun and interesting Harvest League with the exciting and adventurous Heist League, but also completed the adaptation of POE on the Mac platform so that more Mac users can enjoy the game more conveniently. The way players get POE Currency in the new league is different from Harvest that just ended.

PC players are the first group to receive Heist updates. After a few days, PS4 and Xbox1 players also experienced the excitement from Heist and the wonderful effects of many new items. Heist’s new expansion will be the third year of Grinding Gear Games’ release, and will also be a sequel to the popular free game title. Therefore, gamers can look forward to the big update of POE 3.12 in this window, and the team also confirmed that files can download via torrent.

Players entering the new league first need to establish a robbery team composed of professional thieves in Rogue Harbor. If there are thieves proficient in multiple skills in the team, it will be convenient for players to start the robbery. Second, players also need to use their existing POE Currency to buy some weapons or trinkets to equip the thieves for more efficient action. If they can complete the Grand Heists, then the ultimate reward is rich and unique.

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