POE officially announced that they are about to start alliance development experiments

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GGG founder Chris Wilson talked about the issues involved in the development and implementation of the league in action RPG in a letter to players. The problems and functions that need to solve in the game have threatened the development of POE. They announced that they would immediately experiment with the development of the next league to bring players a more stable and interesting game experience. Players can also prepare early, such as storing more POE Currency and POE Items.

It is because of many errors that have occurred in the game recently that the game team made this decision. The developers now acknowledge this because the studio owner Chris Wilson addressed the community. Some players may ask why GGG has not completed some parts of the game that need to update so far. The main reason is that the city where the development team is located affect by COVID-19, and the game team cannot complete the update on time.

The so-called feature spread has also caused problems in the development of the new league. As the development team spent one week longer than usual when developing the Harvest League, the development time of subsequent leagues will compresse. Therefore, if a developer devotes more time to a certain aspect or surprisingly merge some content, it may cause unexpected stumbling.

To avoid such a serious problem in the 3.13 expansion that will appear in December, they must make major improvements. As a three-month cycle experiment, the new update will contain everything that needs to expand. Chris Wilson will supervise the production process to avoid the phenomenon of unsuccessful feature changes. However, players must prepare because the patch notes are much shorter, such as going to Buy many POE Trade. Wait and see!