Animal Crossing players are paying actual money for "Treasure Island"

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A holiday to an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Treasure Island looks much like an episode of Supermarket Sweep — albeit with a deserted island as opposed to a grocery store. Instead of supermarket aisles, New Horizons backpacks are piled on green grass and sandy shores, with statues, seasonal items, and Nook Miles Tickets aligned neatly in rows.

This is usually a Treasure Island, a New Horizons experience that lets players buy their way into a Hawaiian isle that's stacked with items. While Cheap Animal Crossing Bells trading was popular ahead of time in New Horizons' lifespan, as players looked to prepare their island populations, players at the moment are looking for more.

Treasure Island setups have existed since the game launched, but they've gained newfound popularity recently. They're a simple way for players to accumulate DIY recipes and catalog items and for new players to capture up with their friends. However, it's probably against Nintendo's, which prohibits users from monetizing its properties for almost any purpose in addition to videos. That doesn't appear to be stopping sellers.

Sellers are providing packages that vary from $5 to $50, depending on the time frame and volume of trips you would like to take. For $5, by way of example, you'd likely be creating one day at a particular Treasure Island — for 10-20 minutes — in a very real frantic rush to stuff your pockets with goodies. Want less game show plus much more leisure? For $50, you'll get 20 trips over 2 hours — plenty of time to grab numerous items on your own island.

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