Skills you need to possess in Path of Exile

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No ARPG can compete with "Path of Exile" customization. A passive tree covering hundreds of nodes and seven categories is enough to satisfy any maze explorer fanatic, but the path of exile is not limited to this. Skills, support stones and POE Currency can create almost unlimited possibilities.

Every building in the path of exile can benefit from the bottle. Bottles are one of the most powerful mechanics in the game, and Pathfinder is mainly dedicated to improving them. If the player feels too boring, he can use the venom diffusion node Nature's Reprisal to produce a synergistic effect on the production of venom. Without pathfinders, the harbingers of pain, poisonous rain and natural disaster arrows would not be so powerful.

Impale is very powerful against any attack, which is exactly what Champion is good at. It also allows players to use powerful Taunt mechanics, and even grant permanent Fortify to build buildings that normally don't get the buff of bow and arrow characters. Due to the excellent integration of the offensive and defensive ends, the starting role of the league is usually the champion.

Survivability is the main focus of Juggernaut, but high defensive capabilities will provide surprising offensive capabilities depending on how they are constructed. The amazing endurance generation and enough accuracy make the sword master a deadly beast with the right equipment. For demanding players, Juggernaut is still a good choice because of its incredible armor rating, endurance cost, and ability to ignore some of the worst slowing effects in the game.

The damage caused over time should be carefully considered to choose POE Chaos Orb as an advantage. Void beacons and the withering existence or harsh awakening make the occultists greatly amplify the damage of chaos and cold DoT. Mystics also use Malediction to make excellent curse support roles.